Ficlet combined from two prompts.


The first is from a tumblr anon: Castle does something which results in Beckett getting injured. Castle feels horrible even if he couldn’t have known it would happen, and the second is from an anon on Castle and Beckett fall in the lake in Central park.

"Okay, thank you Alexis. See you soon," Castle hangs up the phone and sets it beside him. "She’s on her way now," he tells Kate as he glances at the plastic bag holding their wet clothes by the foot of the bed.

When they’d arrived at the hospital Kate had been given a gown to wear and the staff had given Castle a pair of paper scrubs so he could also get out of his wet clothes. They said they could give Kate a pair too when they left, but Castle had called Alexis and asked her if she had time to go by the loft and get them some of their own clothes to wear home.

"I’m so sorry," he sighs.

"Castle, look at me," Kate squeezes his hand gently. "Stop blaming yourself. It wasn’t your fault."

"It was my idea to go fishing in Central Park, and I was the one who freaked out when the fish got loose in the boat and so it was my fault the boat tipped over."

"It was an accident, Castle," she rubs her thumb over the back of his hand.

"Accident or not, you still hit your head when you fell out."

Kate had just wanted to go home, but after they’d managed to get back to shore she’d thrown up. Since she had a head injury and was getting sick, Castle refused to drive her anywhere but the hospital.

"Rick," she says softly, "it wasn’t your fault," she repeats. "Look, I feel fine, and soon the doctor will come back and tell us that I’m fine, and then we’ll go home."

Before Castle can reply the door opens and the doctor steps inside, as if on cue.

"Hey there," he smiles at the couple, "I have some good news for you, Mr. and Mrs. Castle. There are no signs of a concussion, so that bump on your head is just superficial."

"Then why did she throw up?" Castle asks worriedly.

"Well, pregnancy really changes things in your body," he looks at Kate. "The trauma of the fall could have caused your body to feel overwhelmed and made you nauseous."

"Wait," Kate looks at Castle then back at the doctor, "I’m pregnant?"

"You didn’t know?"

"No, we didn’t," Castle answers. "You’re certain she’s pregnant?"

"The blood work is conclusive," he nods. "Your wife is definitely pregnant. Look, everything checks out, so I’ll go get the release paperwork going and give you two a few moments to yourselves, since you obviously have some things to talk about."

"Thank you, Dr. Gibbons," Castle stands up and shakes his hand.

"Yes," Kate adds. "Thank you."

"Of course," he smiles again before he heads back out the door.

"Castle," Kate says as soon as they’re alone, "we’re having a baby." Castle doesn’t say anything and her face falls. "Are you…are you not happy?"

"Oh, honey," he leans over and kisses her hard and fast. "I’m ecstatic," he gives her a huge, dopey grin. "I’m just surprised, that’s all. What about you?"

"I’m surprised too, but I’m overjoyed."

"We’re having a baby," he echoes her.

"Yes we are."

Castle starts to lean in for another kiss, but he pauses halfway. “That means I made you and our unborn child fall into the lake.”

Kate reaches up and grabs the back of his neck. “Shut up and kiss me,” she demands with a smile as she pulls down.

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Ficlet prompt from anon: Beckett finds out she can’t have kids and Castle comforts her by talking about all the other adventures they will have together.


The first thing Castle hears as he shuts the front door behind him is sobbing. He rushes into the bedroom where the sound is coming from and finds his wife curled up on the bed.

"Hey," he says softly as he settles down behind her. "Kate, what’s wrong?" he wraps his arms around her, trying to calm her convulsing body.

She turns in his embrace and buries her face into his chest, soaking the front of his shirt within seconds. She’s crying too hard to speak, so he just holds her and gives her time. After several minutes her sobs fade into sniffles and her muscles begin to grow less tense. It still takes her several more moments to speak, and when she breaks the silence her voice is soft, sad, and hoarse.

"I heard back from Dr. Garland."

"What did she say?"

"Cas-" Kate chokes back a sob, "Castle it’s my fault we can’t get pregnant."

"It’s not your fault, Kate. What did the doctor say?"

"There seems to be something wrong with my fallopian tubes. So it is my fault. I’m so sorry."

She starts crying again, and Castle pulls her back just enough so he can make her look at him. He brings one hand up to wipe away some of her tears.

"Now you listen to me," he says, his tone gentle but firm. "It doesn’t matter why we can’t get pregnant. It’s still no one’s fault, Kate. Did she say what was wrong?"

"Not exactly," she halfway shakes her head, "I have to go back in for more tests, but it’s not likely that I’ll ever be able to have children."

"Well," Castle smiles, "we’ve beaten the odds before. We might beat them again. Besides, we can always adopt."

"Yeah," she sniffles. "I just really wanted to have a baby with you."

"I know," he kisses her forehead, then places his own to hers, bringing their eyes closer. "I do too, but we’ll get through this, Kate. And just think of all the fun we can have. We can go on trips all over the world, visiting orphanages as we go, seeing what kids we fall in love with and want to bring home."

Kate snorts out a small laugh. “You’ll want to bring them all home.”

"So will you," he grins.

"Yeah, yeah," she presses herself tighter to him. "Tell me more."

"We can adopt from here too," he continues. "There’s plenty of children that need good homes right in the good old U S of A. Maybe we’ll adopt a child and then get pregnant right away with a miracle baby. That happens all the time, especially in books and movies so it has to be real."

Kate laughs, this time a little louder, then sighs. “Will you come with me to see Dr. Garland next week?”

"I wouldn’t miss it for the world," he gives her a light kiss. "Remember that you and I can handle anything life throws at us as long as we stick together. This is just some of that ‘for worse’ part we agreed to."

"I know. I’m just still reeling from the news right now. I know that we’ll be okay. No," she shakes her head, "we’ll be better than okay. We’ll continue to be great."

"Yes we will," Castle smiles again.

"Will you just hold me here a while longer though?"

"For as long as you need."

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Beckett falls through a crack in ice into a freezing river. Castle gets her out and tries to keep her warm before help arrives. Pre-Caskett.


Set mid season 4:

"Castle, don’t come any closer," she snaps, the ice already crackling under her feet, but she can see him in the corner of her eye, inching closer despite her orders. "Rick.”

He pauses at the soft plea of his name. This ice is going to crack, she knows she’s going under into the freezing river water within a matter of seconds, but she is not taking him with her.

“Just let me get to you,” he tries again, the same words he’s been repeating for the last ten minutes, but his weight will sink them both.

It’s her own fault they’re in this predicament. She was the one who chased after the suspect when he bolted from the car they had been following and raced across the frozen river. But their guy had misjudged the thickness of the ice and he hadn’t made it across, the ice collapsing under his feet once he was only a few steps from the other side. Kate had frozen when the suspect had fallen through the hole and that’s when she had felt the patch of ice she’s currently standing on start to give.

She didn’t tell Castle at first, didn’t want to alarm him. She merely instructed for him to call for backup, but when she didn’t return from her place in the middle of the river… he knew.

“Kate, please.”

“No,” she croaks, but he’s already slipping to his knees in the snow on the river bank, onto his stomach, belly crawling across thin ice for her.

Dammit, Castle. 

“Don’t,” she growls at him, but he keeps coming, all of his concentration on getting across the width of the river, all of his focus on getting to her. “Castle-“

The ice splinters beneath her feet. He stills. She meets his horror filled eyes for just a split second before she goes under.

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A "The Good, The Bad and The Baby" fic where Kate finds out she's pregnant either right before they get Cosmo or while he's with them and doesn't tell Castle until they give him back


28 Days Fic Challenge: Day 10. 

 Hospitals and doctors offices are two things that she’s never grown to love. Hospitals now send a cold chill across her spine, memories of weeks where she was bound to a bed, shot up with painkillers that didn’t manage to completely stop the throbbing of her beaten body. Doctor’s offices are just a reminder of those months, the long recover that followed her shooting and, in some roundabout way, of weakness. 

She’s only human. Kate knows that. She knows that human bodies get sick, have off days, that things go wrong and you have to get them put to rights. 

But she doesn’t like being sick. Doesn’t like feeling weak or incapable. But what seemed to be a stomach bug she couldn’t shake has stretched into nearly a month of on-again, off-again misery. She’s been sick, has avoided eating anything beyond crackers for the past two days, sleep has been a fair weather friend either lulling her into it at the most inappropriate times (like a steak out) or abandoning her altogether. 

She had suspected it long before making the appointment, far to scared to buy a home test and face the music alone. If she wasn’t, Kate didn’t know that she wanted to open the discussion with Castle about children or see his disappointment at a negative result. 

If she was….she didn’t know. Babies weren’t her thing. She’d never been around them, had almost no experience with children below the age of five. 

It was terrifying to think she might soon have one. That in nine months she could be responsible for a human life. Sometimes she thought it was a feat of miraculous heights that she managed to take care of herself. 

"Ms. Beckett?" she’s jerked to attention by the soft voice of the man she just met thirty minutes before. Doctor Garrett is new to the practice, a man who doesn’t look that much older than Castle, kind brown eyes and dark brown hair. She wonders how he ended up here and she considers asking him, something to delay the inevitable. 

She’s either pregnant or not, and the moment of truth is here. 

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Ficlet prompt from anon: following the events of 6x23, Castle gets kidnapped. Beckett is several months pregnant however it isn't that obvious when she finally gets him back. She eventually tells him.


It has been a long day. There had been hours of reunions filled with tears of joy and hugs and laughter and questions. Kate had been happy to share Castle because she knew she wasn’t the only one who’d been missing him, but the moment they’d been able to retire to their…

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Ficlet prompt from anon on Beckett finds out she is pregnant on their honeymoon



"Yeah?" he looks up from his book and smiles at Kate. "What’s up?"

She doesn’t respond as she continues to make her way out the door and over to him. He notices that she looks shocked and that she’s carrying something, so he focuses on her hands.

"Kate," he closes his book and sets it down before he stands up, his eyes never leaving what she’s holding delicately. "is that what I think it is?"

"What do you think it is?"

"Well, it looks an awful lot like a pregnancy test."

She comes to a stop directly in front of him. “Then yes,” she waits for him to look up and meet her eyes with his, “it is what you think it is.”

"And?" his voice comes out as a whisper.

"Castle I know that we’re on our honeymoon and this isn’t the best time and we haven’t planned for this yet and-"

"Kate," he interrupts gently, "what does the test say?"

"I’m pregnant."

"You’re pregnant?"

She nods. “What do you think about that?”

Castle steps closer and wraps his arms around her. “I think it’s wonderful. What about you?”

"At first, when it showed positive, I was terrified. Then about a second later I got really excited. Castle," she moves even closer, erasing all space between them, "I want this."

"Me too," he presses his smile to hers.

Kate walks him backwards to his chair and without breaking contact Castle sits down and slides back so she has room to straddle his lap. A few minutes later he pulls away and looks down between them.

"I want to see it," he tells her. She holds it up and he brings one hand around to take it from her. He examines it for awhile, the grin on his face growing ever wider. "We’re having a baby," he looks at her.

"We’re having a baby," she echoes with a grin of her own. She reaches around him and moves his book to the table by the chair, then takes the test from him and sets it on top of the book. "How about we celebrate?" she puts her hands on his shoulders and pushes lightly.

Castle tightens his hold on her as he lays back so he can pull her down with him. “I think that is a great idea, Mrs. Castle, mother of my second child.”

Kate chuckles as she leans down to kiss him.

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FINALLY finished this!!! (It got slightly out of hand… I apologize!)

Castle, Beckett & meeting in the ER

“You’re an idiot, dad.”

Alexis sighs and slightly shakes her head; though, looking at her father, she can’t completely hide her concern.
Rick is pressing a bundle of gauze to the large laceration at his left temple. His broad grin, however, is awfully self-satisfied. “Maybe, but at least I’m an idiot who now knows the aerodynamics of juggling knives.”

Alexis rolls her eyes, pushing Rick gently into a free seat. “All I know is that this is the third time this month you end up in ER. Don’t you think your research is getting a little bit out of hand?”

He shrugs. “I’m just dedicated.”

“That you are,” she mutters and checks her watch, stoically holding back her yawning. “Listen, do you think I can leave you for a bit? I’m gonna get a coffee and call grandma, tell her where we are and everything… you can text me when you got your stitches?”

“Hey,” he replies, slightly offended, “I think I can handle that much on my own…”

The face she makes speaks for itself.

Rick leans back in his seat as Alexis walks away. His temple does sting, but it’s not even half bad. In fact… he does even feel a bit curious. He didn’t have the opportunity to examine the laceration, given the fact that he was bleeding and Alexis was slightly freaking out.

Maybe he can get a short glimpse right now…

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what if season 7 started with Kate waking up from a coma only to realize that seasons 4, 5, & 6 were all a dream after her shooting and promptly began making out with a bewildered Castle’s face? someone write me this fanfic

I’ve legit had this on my fic ideas list for over a year. I thought it’d be a fun/interesting AU to write. Great minds!

Kate falls into bed, sobs wracking her body. The wedding dress lays across a chair, neatly discarded. He’s gone. He left her. His body charred, those shining eyes closed forever. She falls asleep from exhaustion and despair sometime around three in the morning…

…and wakes feeling like she has slept forever. The bright light in the room burns through her eyelids as they struggle to open, and she thinks she might just keep them closed a little longer. Why open them. She won’t see him. She won’t ever see him again. If she keeps them closed, she can pretend he’s still here.

Her brain is hazy still, shrouded in a sadness she can’t brush away, and her heart aches.

It actually, physically hurts. She lost him. She might not survive this.


She can still hear his voice. She hopes she never forgets it.


A squeeze of her hand follows the sound of her name being uttered by his voice, and it confuses her.

“I think she’s waking up.”

But she doesn’t want to wake up, doesn’t want to face a world without him in it.

She forces her eyes open, and the white of the room is as blinding as she anticipated behind closed lids. She blinks fiercely against it, the white light, white walls, white sheets. She blinks, agitated and afraid now. This isn’t her room.

“Hey, it’s okay,” his voice soothes.

It’s not okay. It will never be okay again.

She turns towards the sound of his voice, sees her hand encased in his, his shirt, his face. His shining eyes. His upturned lips.

“Castle?” she breathes out in confusion.

“Welcome back, Beckett,” he says gently.

“What?” she asks, voice hoarse, tears threatening to fall. He’s alive? “You died.”

Concern darkens his eyes for a moment, before he holds her hand a little tighter and says, “No, I’m fine,” he assures her. “But you were shot, at Montgomery’s funeral. A sniper—”

“I remember,” she interrupts. “But that was almost three years ago.”

“No,” he says, brow furrowed. “Three days ago.”

“What?” she repeats again. And then she’s really looking at him. She slips her hand out from his and reaches up to cup his jaw. Her thumb brushes across his cheek, and the first tears slip down her cheeks. “You didn’t die.”

He’s silent, uncharacteristically so, for a moment while he holds her eyes, the pad of her thumb still caressing his skin. “No one died, Kate,” he tells her gently. “Everyone lived.”

“Three days?” she asks, her voice uneven, her damaged heart still broken.

“You’ve been asleep.”

“I dreamed it all?”

He leans into her touch. “What did you dream?”

A rainy evening; making love against your bedroom door; finding out about Bracken; learning how to let myself be loved so completely I couldn’t imagine this life without you; an engagement ring; saying yes; almost losing you; planning our future; thinking about children; almost losing myself; taking down Bracken; the beginning of the rest of our lives together; a car in flames… “You died.”

“I didn’t,” he promises.

The relief of the reality of the dream is overpowered by the pain of realizing all that happiness they’d shared hadn’t even been real. But he’s alive, and there’s hope, because she remembers his words. She remembers the damp grass, the smell of the sodden earth, and she remembers his voice.

“You love me?” she asks.

He doesn’t look away. He holds her gaze, and nods. “You heard me?”

“Did you mean it.”


“Say it again,” she pleads.

“I love you, Kate.”

Her hand slips behind his neck, and she draws him to her, until their lips meet. He kisses her gently, mindful of the damage to her heart, the hole in her chest. She sobs against his lips; she cries for all she thought they’d had, and all she thought she had lost. She cries from the joy of still having a chance to live it.


And for the first time.

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Prompt: Season 3 Castle takes the sniper bullet instead of Beckett


It all happened in an instant.

In a heartbeat.

The same speed as a speeding bullet, one might say.

Too soon?

One moment he was on the podium, listening to her eulogy and hoping - for the first time since their God-awful fight and Montgomery’s sacrifice, there was hope in her words, in her eyes. A truce. Forgiveness. Acknowledgement of this thing between them that she had hitherto refuses to even glance at, that he had to bury because in spite of however strong his feelings were for her, she was with another man.

Then the flash of light caught his eye, the only warning - but it was enough.

The deafening crack of a gunshot echoed around the peaceful cemetery, but he was already on the move.

Somehow, he just knew.

Knocking her to the ground in a tackle, it took a moment for the pain to even register - but then it was all he could think about, burning through him like fire.

She pushed up against him, and he tried get off her, to obey her sharp command to let her move, but his limbs wouldn’t cooperate, and the tongues of pain licked further across his torso, paralysing him.

Leaving him to die.

It wasn’t until he saw her raise her fingers to view the sticky red substance pouring out of him that either really registered what had happened.

Somehow, she managed to roll him so that she could hover over him, her eyes so helpless and panicked as she gazed down at him, tears welling in her eyes. He tried to raise one hand to brush them away, but his arms weren’t obeying his commands.


He needed to remind her to look after Alexis. But she knew, didn’t she? She had promised once before, and he knew, he knew he could trust her to remember.

A sense of peace washed over him, even in spite of the pain, in spite of her tears and her voice pleading with him to hold on.

How was she so far away, even while she was touching him?

He had to tell her, just once. Just once, and the last niggling thought would be laid to rest. If this is how he had to die, at least he got to be in Kate Beckett’s arms just once.

He had to find the words, and he could be at peace.

Locking onto her eyes, he forced his mouth to cooperate, speaking out the words he had treasured in his heart since the day he saw her appartment go up in flames.

"Kate… I love you. I love you, Kate," he whispered.

Then everything went black.

A/N: Thanks, Anon, for the prompt! I’ve always wanted to write this scene! And for the record, even though it ends here, I never once pictured him dying - any more so than Kate did under the same circumstances in canon. This is an injury fic that ends at a point of high-tension, not a death!fic.

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